Lake Isabella Property Owners Association

Permit Requirements for waterfront property owners provided by the DEQ

Sanding – Reasonable sanding above the water line is exempt. Sand added below the water line may fit into the Fill for Swim Areas minor project category.

Rocks (Riprap) – placing rocks along less than 300’ of shoreline may fit into the Riprap Shoreline Protection minor permit category. Over 300’ of rock protection is an individual permit.

New Seawall Construction – the construction of a new seawall requires an individual permit. If the seawall is greater than 500’ it requires and major project permit.

Replacement Seawall Construction – the construction of a replacement seawall may fit into the Replacement Seawall minor project category if it does not exceed 200’. Replacement of seawalls greater than 200’ require an individual permit (over 500’ requires a major project permit).

Existing Seawall Repair – seawall repair is exempt from permit if it is only the seawall facing or sheeting or support piling and if the maintenance does not encompass more than 25% of the permitted seawall length. Cap maintenance or replacement can be done for 100% of permitted seawalls. Additional repairs may qualify for the Maintenance and Repair of Serviceable Structures if the original structure was permitted.


Minor Permits – $50. Turn-a-round time of 2 to 4 weeks. Replace seawalls less than 200’, rock riprap less than 300’, maintenance of serviceable structure, fill for swim areas.

Individual Permits – $500. Turn-a-round time of 1 to 2 months. New seawalls.

Major Permits – $2000. Turn-a-round time of 1 to 2 months. Seawalls greater than 500’.