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Below is a list of the committees which help direct the decisions of the LIPOA.
If you have questions regarding applicable issues, meeting times, etc., please CONTACT THE LIPOA

Architectural Control Committee
Charge: Follow the guidelines of the Building & Use Restrictions regarding the orderly development of the Lake Isabella area.

Meets: Fridays at 9 am / As Necessary.

Members: John Dauffenbach, Mike Simons*

Bylaws Review Committee
Charge:Review bylaws for accuracy, make recommendations to the board & members of updates, corrections and/or deletions to be voted on at annual meeting. Committee consisting of Board and non board members approved by the board.

Meets: as necessary.

Members: No Committee is currently seated.
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Finance Committee
Charge: Oversee, discuss and/or revise budgetary issues.

Meets: Annually and/or on an as needed basis.

Members: Larry Russell,Colleen Ahlstrom, William Keelean.

Human Resource Committee
Charge: Human resource support involving employment, evaluations, & job descriptions.

Meets: on an as needed basis.
Members: Larry Russell (chair),John Dauffenbach, Norm Burmeister.

Lake and River Committee
Charge: Lake and river monitoring, weed & exotic species control, sedimentation, shoreline protection, dam & lake level.

Meets: First Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at the LIPOA office.

Members: Larry Russell

Liaison Committee
Charge: Meet with village council or other subcommittees to exchange information that will help each understand and develop procedures beneficial to both.

Meets: Quarterly.

Members: Larry Russell (chair), John Dauffenbach, Colleen Ahlstrom

Parks Committee
Charge:Park improvement, identification and development, campground and storage lot issues, playground equipment, docking procedures and issues.

Meets: The SECOND MONDAY of each month at 1:00pm at the LIPOA office.

Members: Tom Henson, Steve Banagis, William Keelean


*Current Non-Board Member

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