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Camp facilities have been established to provide lot owners, and their guests, an opportunity to enjoy camping. To assure everyone's enjoyment, the following policies apply to the use of the LIPOA campground:

The following are some of the general rules that will be enforced. Management has the authority to initiate any new rule necessary for the welfare of the campers. If each member will take it upon them selves to help clean up the restrooms, camp area, etc…. it will cut down on maintenance costs and insure everyone clean pleasant enjoyment of the facilities.

Camp Sites
Camping will be permitted ONLY on the established campground provided and tents allowed in the tenting area only.

Classification of Camps
To provide uniform classification the following standards will be used for reference to camps allowed at Lake Isabella.

Tent Camp – Any fabric type shelter erected on the ground not a part of a trailer unit and in its designated area.

Trailer Camp – Any camp which has a trailer as the basic shelter unit. This includes the fold-out tent trailer, the standard travel or temporary type trailer – not over 35 feet x12 feet.

Car Camp – Any camp using the travel vehicle as the basic shelter unit. This includes the "camper" mounted on the back of a pick-up, a manufactured camper bus, various station wagon units used as main sleeping and shelter unit of the camp and is not a permanent set up.

Use of Campground Facilities
The use of campsites, toilet, shower building, electrical services, picnic tables, etc., are designated for use of registered campers and will be restricted to use by them only.

Each trailer must have a Lake Isabella permit sticker, available at the LIPOA office during regular business hours. Camping permits must be displayed as designated to be fully visible at all times.

To provide an accurate record of camping use and to permit proper control, communication and operation, every camp will be registered the time it is established.

The responsible LIPOA member (18 yrs and older) of the party must register the camp.
Reserved lots require a deposit of one nights stay or 50% of monthly/seasonal rate at least 14 days in advance.
(Refer to the Cancellation/ Refund Policy below)

No camping equipment shall be placed on any camp ground site other than the assigned space.

Motor bikes will be permitted in designated areas only (NO racing or excessive noise) or they will not be permitted to remain in the campground.

Visitor passes are available at the LIPOA office during regular business hours.

Cancellation / Refund Policy
If received at least five (5) days prior to the beginning of the stay: Refund of full amount less $10.00 processing fee.

If received less than five (5) days prior to beginning of stay: Refund amount paid less one nights stay.

Cancellation of all or a portion of the camping visit may be made by mail, telephone or in person. Failure to notify of cancellation in a timely manner (see above) will result in partial or full forfeiture of camping fees paid.

Refunds will be MAILED to you, or they can be used as a credit on future camping during the camping season.

Check Out
Campground check out time is 3:00pm on the Day of Departure. All personally owned camping equipment shall be removed from the campsite at the time the camper leaves. The LIPOA is not responsible for equipment left

No more than two vehicles will be allowed to park at a campsite and these must be parked within the confines of your lot.
Campers' visitors shall not park cars in the camp ground. Visitors must park in the designated Camp ground Guest Parking area to avoid crowding camp sites. This is a Michigan State

Self Contained Trailers Dump Station
A dumping station is located at the rear of the campground for servicing self-contained units.

Bathrooms are not play areas - inside or out.

Please keep your children from making bathrooms their play areas - both inside and out.

Please DP NOT FLUSH sanitary napkins/tampons, diapers down the toilets. Diapers must be sealed in plastic bags and placed in wastebaskets or garbage hoppers.

Please ensure the bath house is left clean after use. We respectfully request campers prevent wet floors, sloppy sinks, wet toilet paper tossed on floors, etc. Please help clean our facilities clean for everyone.

Quiet Time
All campers are expected to respect the time of quiet after dark.

Additional Information

Campsites should be cleaned daily and waste deposited in the containers provided.

All garbage must be put in plastic bags only.

Containers must be kept under drains and emptied at designated places. This is a Michigan State Law.

No dish washing will be allowed at the drinking fountains or in the restrooms. No car or boat washing is allowed.

DOGS must be under immediate control on a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length. DOGS are NOT ALLOWED in the service building (bath house).

No boats or boat trailer should be left or stored on campsites. No utility trailers are to be left or stored on campsites even though they are connected to the main camping unit.

Rowdy behavior, littering, profanity, or other acts disturbing to others will not be tolerated in the campground.

Management reserves the right to vacate any camp site of campers unwilling to comply with standards of behavior acceptable to the majority of family camping units. You will forfeit any camping fees you may have paid up to this point.

All Rights Reservered, LIPOA
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