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Manager - George King
Office Staff - Alicia Garrett

Maintenance Staff - Rod Church,Don Hall
Summer Hours begin April 1st
Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Sunday: Closed
Winter Hours Begin October 1st
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Friday: 8am - 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

The purpose of the LIPOA shall be to
1) Protect and provide for the general welfare of all who live and own property at Lake Isabella.
2) To place emphasis on recreation, health, safety, and environmental concerns
3) To develop and maintain all common properties.
The L.I.P.O.A. is governed by a Board of Directors and is supported by various Board of Director Committees made of L.I.P.O.A. members.

The Lake Isabella Property Owners Association (LIPOA) is a private, non-profit corporation. We own land and buildings and pay taxes on these properties. The LIPOA owns bottom-land under Lake Isabella, however we do not own or control the actual water, which is public. The Department of Natural Resources and the Village have responsibility for public areas. However, because the Association owns the "park areas” there is limited access to the lake.

The LIPOA Articles of Incorporation were filed with the State of Michigan in November of 1969; they state the purpose of the Association. The Bylaws of the LIPOA are the working documents of the Association. The preamble is our Statement of Purpose. Emphasis is placed on recreation, health, safety, environmental concerns, and the development and maintenance of all common properties. The Bylaws further state that the affairs of the Association shall be managed by its elected BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The Association employs an administrator to run the day-to-day activities and to manage regular and seasonal personnel hired to maintain the parks and facilities owned.

The LIPOA also provides CAMPING FACILITIES and a STORAGE AREA for members, and has responsibilities concerning the dam. The association owns the LIPOA office building which thanks to the hard work of the staff and and member volunteers was given a much needed interior face-lift in late 2007. Various activities provided for association members are generally announced in the newsletter and on this continuously updated website.

The LIPOA Board does not have the power of law, but along with the Manager meets with and lobbies various public bodies to act in a particular way concerning Association interests. Your Board of Directors attempts to keep it and the general members educated through membership in organizations such as the Michigan Lakes and Streams Association.

The Villiage of Lake Isabella is a public body and does have the power of law. It was established by state law and is governed by an elected Village Council. A Planning Commission and various committees and boards assist the Council in the operation of the Village. General duties of the Council, by Charter, are to provide for the public peace, health, safety and the general welfare of persons and property. All legislation is by Ordinance or by Resolution of the Council. The Council employs people separate from the LIPOA. The Council has the power to levy and collect taxes for municipal purposes. The Council has power to determine the necessity of local or public improvements and to establish special assessment districts. It has the right and power to develop and maintain public utilities. All things done are for the good of the public. If the Village were to control the “park areas” anyone, Village residents or not, would have equal access and use of the parks and therefore uncontrolled access to the lake.
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